Wholesome Ingredients

Each one of our products are created with the high-quality ingredients required to meet our standards of production. Our ingredients are sourced from the best suppliers with a long tradition of being very selective. The yeast we purchase is all natural world-class bakers yeast directly from the Canadian manufacturer Lallemand. We use locally sourced unbleached flour as well as 100% Canadian butter in our recipes. Our chocolate croissants are stuffed with the finest sticks of dark chocolate made by Callebaut. All our cheddar cheese croissants are made with 100% Canadian cheddar. Once finished, each batch sits in a designated control space for a calculated time to ensure it is primed for production. To prepare a croissant from scratch, the process consists of several steps and after each step the product requires a specific amount of resting time – the total time to create a finished product is around 18 hours.