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How to bake croissants

Place croissants on a baking sheet, leaving some room for them  to grow.  #1. Defrosting Frozen dough must be defrosted (thaw) first. This will activate yeast. Never put frozen croissants or danishes into a warm proofer. –       It takes 1 HOUR at room temperature to correctly thaw –       Croissants can defrost by leaving them overnight in a cooler. Product must be covered to prevent drying. #2. Proofing -It takes 1 to 1.5 HOUR to proof croissants in a proofer. Proofer should be set…

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Frozen Product.

Sweet Line Pastries offers a whole line of frozen unbaked products. Please refer to our “Baked Product” site to see the final results. You can see the “Frozen Product List” here.              

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